YouTube – Most Adorable

YouTube has had a huge impact on the webosphere, and although I’m not a Youtube addict, I do find myself visiting the site on a regular basis. The winners for the 2006 YouTube video awards were announced this week, and out of all the winners, I had only seen two:

  1. treadmill video 
  2. Ask a Ninja 

Those of you who know me, should also know that I’m a huge fan of "ask a ninja ". My friends don’t agree, it’s the best podcasts out there, so I was glad to see it won "best series". It’s hard to believe that millions of people are wrong about a hit show.

So I took a look at all the winners, and most of them are pretty good. I recommend you watch them all, but if you can only watch one. I urge you to watch kiwi, who won for "most adorable", it’s by far my favorite one.

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