Who won the fight?

This cool web app, can be a useful for some or just plain fun for others, it’s called google fight.

Google Fight Web Application

This web application, lets you "fight out" two keywords or strings. It basically searches google and displays a bar graph. The winner is the one with the most results.

How is this useful? Well if you have a website or into SEO (search engine optimization), you can see which keywords are more popular than others and optimize your site accordingly, or if you want to see how many links your site has compared to your competitor’s site.

Q. I’m not an SEO nor have a website, can it be useful for me?

A. Sure, let’s say your shopping around for an MP3 player, try "googlefighting" [Apple Ipod] vs [Microsoft Zune], it won’t be a difficult decision to make, or try [HD DVD] vs. [Blu-ray]. very cool way to see what’s more popular. 

Try it out, and let me know if you come up with some interesting results. 

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