Time is Precious

I’d like to apologize to any of you who stumble upon my site, I know how boring sites are when no one updates them, truth is, one needs to be dedicated and have great time management skills to upkeep a blog. as you can see "only 3 posts in almost a year" is pretty bad.

I guess I should take some lessons from Merlin Mann at 43folders.com, a site about personal productivity, life hacks, and simple ways to make your life a little better. Alas time is precious and it seems like I can never find any "time" to do everything I want.

I can’t promise that I will post regularly, but I do hope to post more, "at least more than 3 times a year"… My dog Fonzi’s 2nd birthday will mark the first year of my Gudstoff Blog, this year, my goal will be to post more frequently, hopefully adding a few tutorials , and more than a couple of Net Pick.

If there is any information you like to see posted on this site, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

cheers 🙂 

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