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Who Loves Icons?

Whether your a graphic designer, a desktop customizing geek, or a social network junky… We all love icons, and the Iconbuffet is the place to be.

Icon Buffet

The Chefs at the Iconbuffet create masterpieces when it comes to icons, these pixel perfect works of art can be used anywhere: websites, desktop icons, even as avatars for your favorite social network sites, most sites (ex: digg, flickr, twitter etc. ) give you the option to upload an avatar, which is a tiny picture (usually 48×48 pixels), that represents you or something you like.

This site is geared toward graphic professionals, requiring icons for their projects, and some of their icon sets can have a pretty hefty price to some ($299us), but well worth it. However if you can’t afford that, don’t shy away just yet, because your gonna love this place (it’s what really got me hooked)… Which is their own little social network, and when you join  (it’s free), you become part of the icon loving community, where you can add friends, chat in the forums, trade icons, and every month you get a free icon set delivery, stamps, tokens, and as you build-up your profile you get badges and points.

You really have to join to understand and experience all these goodies.  The community is really friendly, the icons are awesome, and the staff is just fabulous.

So if your hungry for icons, come and join the iconbuffet

Fight those nasty viruses

Trend Micro LogoThese days viruses are sophisticated enough to disable your anti-virus software or be undetectable. You need to keep it up-to-date "practically on a daily basis", and every year or so, you get that annoying message that says: "please renew your subscription to download updates".

AVG is a great free anti-virus package from grisoft, which solves the yearly subscriptions for updates, but still resides on your local hard drive. What if you’re already infected with a virus that disabled your anti-virus?

Here’s one of my favorite apps, Housecall from trendmicro, is a free online virus scanner. The greatest thing about this anti-virus IS, it’s always up-to-date, it’s available from any computer with Internet access, and best of all it’s FREE. It also checks for spyware, and I found that it does a pretty good job at not only finding bugs and spyware but also giving you solutions to remedy them. like critical updates you may have neglected to install.

So if your PC acts up, or seems to be sluggish try running Housecall.

here are some other hints:

  • download/install critical updates/patches
  • don’t limit yourself to 1 anti-virus solution (it’s good to have AV package installed and use an online solution as well)
  • install only 1 local anti-virus that runs in the background, if you install more than 1 it can cause conflicts
  • use multiple spyware scanners (spyware isn’t the same as anti-virus)

Where can I find good deals on stuff?

I can’t remember where I heard this, but I once heard someone say "If your feeling blue, just go shopping and haggle" getting something for less than advertised, always makes us feel great. Is it really because we have to live on a budget, pinch every penny, is saving that extra $1 on fast food combo, or $5 on a memory stick, really going to make us millionaires in 50 years? The answer is no, my mom is from the "old country" never wasted a penny, and now 50 years later still not rich…

Price Network [dot] ca

So why do we love deals?  Honestly I can’t explain it, maybe it’s because we feel like we’re sticking it to the man, but what ever it is, it feels great. So the other day, I was surfing the web, and I stumbled upon a page with many links, and ended up finding myself on a site called , that’s right .ca, so for our US friends, you get to save even more.

This site is a social bookmarking site, where users submit great deal on all kinds of good stuff "gudstoff", mostly tech related stuff "which is fine with me". There are great contributors, and is really up to date, there’s also a classified ad section, general pricing area, price drops and more, so before you make any purchases, check this site out, and you might find some awesome deals.