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Blogging from my ipod touch

How usefull is this mobile blogging? Since I have an itouch and a wordpress blog, I tought I’d give it a try,

So I downloaded the wordpress app for iPhone and ipod touch… simple straight forward setup, and here we go. You can edit current posts or create new ones and even include photos, either from the iPhone camera (snapshot) or your photo library


*** From my Macbook – I have to admit bloggin’ from the ipod is cool, but i came back to my laptop and did some editing, much easier because of cut and paste, (what are you waiting for Apple). still for a quick post, while sitting on the couch or out and about, it’s pretty awesome. ***

3 Wheeled Roadster on the Streets of Montreal

roadster One of the greatest things about being a passenger, is the fact that you don’t have to concentrate on the road, and can pay attention to everything else going on.

The other weekend while driving home from brunch, we saw this amazing three wheeled roadster with an ultra low profile. It had one big tire in the back, and two smaller ones on the front, it was doing about 70 km/h, while getting on to the trans-Canada highway… It was quite a view :).

Unfortunately, I only had my phone camera on me, this was the best i can do at the time, the pic really doesn’t do it justice, you can click on the thumbnail to get a bigger view.

If you like cars, we spotted another nice convertible last weekend. Check out my flickr stream . This time I had my digital camera with me, en route to an event, so the photos are a little better. 

Getting your USB flash drive to work on Windows 98

Flash Drive Being the village nerd, I quickly realized that there are still many windows 98 users out there. Personally I’m a Mac lover, but I don’t discriminate against any other OS’s. I own many PCs running, Windows 2000, XP, Ubuntu and of course OSX (my favorite).

Although all current systems are plug’n’play when it comes to USB flash drives, but windows 98 requires you to jump through a few hoops… Just a few years ago, thumb drive manufacturers bundled a win98 driver, with their flash drive, the last two USB keys I bought did not (no worries, right?), unless your like me (can you fix my computer? "guy").

Being "that guy" you’re bound to run into someone still running windows 98.

What your gonna need is a “USB mass storage device” for win98 driver, which you can download at

And follow these three simple steps:

  1. control panel > system > “delete any usb key devices that failed to install” and “unknown devices”
  2. install downloaded driver
  3. reboot your system

you should be set to use most flash drives out there.