G�dstoff � "GOO’D-stawf" from the miss pronounciation of the term "Good Stuff"… Gudstoff, was just a word I came up with when trying to register a domain name, if you’ve ever registered a name, you know that pretty much every word in the english dictionary, are allready taken, and for some reason, I wanted a name that wasnt too long, cryptic or had number(s) in it.

Back then I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to with it, but I wanted it to be good stuff, a site where you can get all kinds of good stuff, but It didnt really pan out into anything. I decided to keep the name , because I liked it, it’s kinda gitchy in my opinion… months have gone by, and finally decided to just do it .

Being tech savvy, and everybody and they’re dog have a website, I decided to claim my place on this interweb, although I will mention my dog fonzi , this will not focus on my dog , or dogs in general.

The main focus of gudstoff, right now will be learning/experimenting with web technologies HTML, CSS, etc. and I will also use this site, to share my tech related experiences, and whenever I have time hopefully post some tutorials, reviews, free files, sites, or any other tech related goodies I find interesting.

I decided to use a blogging package called wordpress, mainly because it’s easy to install and use, and of course open source, in other words free.